• Our Mission to Connect
  • Our Mission to Connect

World-Class Connectivity for All

At GLBB Japan, we believe that whether you are an individual, small or large business, everyone needs to be given the opportunity to access information using an optimal communication platform. For businesses, this translates into higher productivity. For personal use, this translates into less frustration during peak hours – no more buffering watching your favorite entertainment on 4k resolution.

World-Class Connectivity for All


We trust that everyone is staying safe during these unprecedented times. By continuing our commitment to our customers to provide the best possible service, GLBB Japan has expanded its Okinawa Prefecture NTT Flets Interconnection capacity an additional 20% and our upstream connectivity an additional 50%.
In order to fulfill our commitment to provide the best possible service even during these unprecedented times, we have expanded our Okinawa Prefecture NTT Flets Interconnection capacity by an additional 20%.
GLBB launches new F::Xpress 10G Active Ethernet services in Okinawa and Tokyo Metropolitan Area.