G-colo Service

The colocation service as 「G-colo」 is to store customer equipment such as servers in a data center with excellent earthquake resistance and power supply. A service that supports maintenance and operation. It contributes to reducing the operational load, improving system availability, reducing TCO, and off-balancing. You can use GLB's high-quality network services that are directly connected to the data center. It can also be used in combination with Internet GLBB geatway connections, Cloud services, other GLBB services, etc.

  • Connectivity

    Connect to GLBB Internet services, Metro-P2P, InterMetro-P2P, as well as Cloud Direct Connect, content and major IX

  • Flexibility

    Not only standard racks and units (shared type), but also cages according to requests, open use and installation of individual surveillance cameras can be flexibly supported.

  • Cost Performance

    GLBB-NW has high connectivity with major DCs in central Tokyo, making it ideal for use in redundant NWs and service procurement. Can also be used as a BCP measure

The service location is GLBB "GC1 site". Easy access from the city center, strong earthquake countermeasures, flood countermeasures, and security measures. It is equipped with a highly reliable facility equipped with communication equipment and power supply equipment, such as securing two communication line lead-in routes.

G-colo Service G-colo Service
LocationKoto-ku, Tokyo (6.5km from Tokyo Station, 15 minutes by car, 20 minutes by train)
BuildingSeismic structure, reinforced concrete construction
Server roomApproximately 11,000㎡
Slab load capacityMaximum 1,000kg / ㎡
Receiving powerSpecial high voltage main line / standby line power reception
Emergency power generatorGas turbine engine
Uninterruptible power supplyN + 1 redundant configuration, common spare method, large capacity battery equipment
Air conditioning systemWater-cooled
Fire extinguishing equipmentGas digestor, ultra-sensitive smoke detector
Standard rack19 inch full rack / AC100V 20A
Unit useUnit service (@U rental / shared rack)
Option (consultation)Installation of carry-on racks, cages, individual surveillance cameras, etc
SecurityIdentity verification by manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, camera monitoring in all areas, IC card entry and rack opening / closing
OthersEquipped with parking lot, BCP desk, cafe, restaurant, nap room, shower room