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Network Engineer
Network Engineer
Joined the company in 2020 4th year

With "Our Mission :: To Connect" To provide a world-class network to each and every one of the world's people.

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Our Mission :: To Connect

Our goal is to create a high-quality network environment that is accessible to everyone, regardless of whether they are a business or an individual.

To achieve this goal, we provide high-quality circuits in a way that only we can, and offer services that enable each and every one of our customers to feel connected.

Our services help streamline operations, and our stable networks and high-quality circuits improve the lives of our customers.

This is what we are proud of and what drives us every day.

Looking to the future, we are committed to providing more innovative services and further advancing the network environment.

It is our goal at NOC to keep pace with technological advances, to provide the advanced solutions our customers demand, and to respond to their ever-changing needs.

Keil Watson's
daily schedule in Network Engineer

Corporate Sales (Sales)
Corporate Sales (Sales)
oined the company in 2021 3th year
Jun Ohashi

This is a job where you can utilize your own strengths and individuality. You can grow both as an individual and as an organization as you interact with many people.

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Sales = "the job of selling something."

Many of you may have this image.
I believe this is half correct and half incorrect.

I believe that our job is not to "sell one way" but to "create new business" with many companies.
In addition, it is not only a relationship between companies, but also encounters with many "people.
I believe that through interacting with many people, we can achieve personal growth, which in turn leads to organizational growth.

Of course, it is not all sparkling and beautiful, and there is a lot of hard work and muddy work (lol), but it is more rewarding and joyful than that, and there is support from everyone in the team.

There is no right answer in sales.
It is a job where you can make the most of your strengths and individuality.

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Customer Service
Customer Service
Joined the company in 2020 4th year
Madoka Uehara

We listen to your voice and lead you to a solution. We deliver peace of mind with reliable support.

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We value the smiles of our customers,
We provide personalized customer support.

Our work environment is friendly, and everyone gets along well and cooperates with each other.

We also have a solid training system in place, which allows new members to quickly become acclimated and ready to work. We are always focused on improvement and growth to provide a fulfilling experience for both our clients and employees.

Ms. Uehara's
daily schedule in customer service

Field Engineer
Field Engineer
Joined the company in 2015 8th year
Kaname Igawa

Our field engineers will work with you To Connect! We strengthen connections and answer challenges with innovation and trust.

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Before I joined GLBB in 2015, there was no department dedicated to field engineering work.
Japan Field Engineering is a new department established in August 2022 to better fulfill GLBB's mission statement.

We are working on our tasks with a sense of responsibility and a sense of fulfillment, and we enjoy and take our work very seriously.

Mr. Igawa's
daily schedule in Field Engineering